Technology Innovation
Walsin-NTU R&D Center
Innovative technology R&D center has been established (Yenshui Plant)
Green Operation
Water Saving 27,181m3
ZEMAP waste mixed acid processing and regeneration equipment (Yenshui Plant)
Green Operation
1,591 MT-CO2e
Processes are improved to reduce carbon emissions. (Yenshui Plant)
In response to flexible manufacture and utilization of new technologies as a trend resulting from rapidly changing business and production models, Walsin Lihwa has been engaging in smart manufacture system development and manufacture process optimization while strengthening R&D to expedite product innovation and upgrades to provide high added-value products and services to customers.

Sustainability promotion strategy

  • Continuous improvement and innovation to develop green processes, technologies and products to create shared value with customers and establish a sustainable business model.
  • Continually engage in customer-centric innovation and R&D, improve production and service models and strive to create value for customers.
  • Comprehensively implement and strengthen supplier sustainability management to mutually grow with our business partners.

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Product and Technology Innovation
Wire and cable and stainless steel are both mature and competitive industries. In the face of the pandemic, global climate change, and increasingly fierce international competition, we believe that only by continuing to build solid R&D and manufacturing capabilities, creating highly competitive products, and deepening service application technologies, and achieving the goal of high-value transformation, can we face the risks and industry competition and achieve sustainable corporate development.
Green Operation
At the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) in 2021, countries reached a consensus on global climate action, green environment, energy saving, and carbon reduction, and signed the Glasgow Climate Pact to continue to work towards sustainable environmental development.
Product Quality and Responsibility
Walsin Lihwa actively promotes a series of quality system action plans, where our quality management system will be customer-oriented and receive the highest level of attention from our senior executives.
Mutually Beneficial Value Creation
Walsin Lihwa firmly believes that it is a corporate obligation and commitment to fulfill its corporate citizenship responsibility and to work together for the good of society. In addition to managing product and service quality, we also manage hazardous substances from the source and perform hazardous substance tests in accordance with industry related regulations, and no hazardous substances are added in the manufacturing process.
Sustainable Supply Chain
Compliance with international regulations and standards as well as customer requirements and standards