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Newly developed high functional stainless steel grades of long product
Ratio of recyclable raw materials usage for 3 consecutive years
ZEMAP waste mixed acid processing and regeneration equipment, water saving
In response to flexible manufacture and utilization of new technologies as a trend resulting from rapidly changing business and production models, Walsin Lihwa has been engaging in smart manufacture system development and manufacture process optimization while strengthening R&D to expedite product innovation and upgrades to provide high added-value products and services to customers.

Sustainability promotion strategy

  • Continually innovate and develop green products, create shared value with customers and establish a sustainable business model
  • Continually engage in customer-centric innovation and R&D, improve production and service models and strive to create value for customers
  • Comprehensively implement and strengthen supplier sustainability management to mutually grow with our business partners

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Product and Technology Innovation
The Wire and Cable and Stainless Steel industries are important foundations of traditional industries, and they are also mature and competitive industries. In the face of increasingly fierce competition from overseas, Walsin Lihwa implemented our transformation plan from 2014 to 2019. We believe that only through the creation of highly competitive products, solid R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and the deepening of service-oriented application technologies, can we survive and achieve sustainable development. Through continuous development, we have significantly improved our R&D, technologies, and manufacturing capabilities, which have enabled us to develop high performance new products for high-end applications. We are working to close the gap with other competitors, and achieving the goal of transformation towards higher value.
Green Operation
In recent years, with the rise of green awareness and the limited natural resources, Walsin Lihwa has not only accelerated the high-value transformation to create corporate value, but also continues to pay attention to the application and protection of natural resources. We hope to become the top pioneer in enhancing environmental protection and maintaining social values by developing high-performance green products to help downstream customers and end applications to achieve more energy-saving and carbon-reducing products.
Product Quality and Responsibility
Walsin Lihwa is actively engaged in the high-value transformation strategy. In addition to increasing production efficiency and improving product reliability through smart manufacturing, quality is the most important factor in gaining customer trust. We believe that quality is not achieved through testing, but from doing and management, and the best does not exist, only better.
Mutually Beneficial Value Creation
Walsin Lihwa's Spirit and Philosophy of Serving Customers:1. Establish a service-oriented operation model and optimize the service process which increases customers' trust and creates a mutually beneficial situation.2. Apply innovative technology controls and improve product quality; work together with customers to provide products and services that best meet their needs.
Sustainable Supply Chain
In order to implement effective supplier management, in 2020, Walsin Lihwa identified 111 key suppliers based on important raw materials, equipment and construction contracts, and waste disposal projects according to the principles of procurement amount, importance, influence, and uniqueness. These suppliers will be partners in the joint promotion of corporate social responsibility.