Walsin Lihwa's plants in Taiwan continue to support local culture, local activities, and the out underprivileged in communities by effectively using resources to drive community development. Our plants have participated in the following affairs:

Newspapers and Study Aid at Elementary and Junior High Schools

In the second half of 2014, Walsin Lihwa began working with Mandarin Daily News to provide the newspaper to elementary and junior high schools near Walsin Lihwa plants in Taiwan. Teachers introduce topics reported in the newspaper to students, and broaden their horizons through interactions and discussions, while laying a solid foundation in their linguistic ability.

Subscription to Mandarin Daily News was provided to 16 schools including 79 classes, 1,180 students in 2020, when 36 volunteers from Walsin Lihwa went to Yongji Elementary School in New Taipei and Renguang Elementary School in Tainan -- 2 schools in cooperation with Walsin Lihwa for learning facilitated by newspaper reading -- to help make newspaper reading interactively fun and entertaining to stimulate students' interest in learning by concretizing knowledge.

In 2019, Walsin Lihwa started to work with the PSA Charitable Foundation and Mandarin Daily News' bilingual Youth Journal to provide bilingual newspaper reading at Kaohsiung junior high schools to help strengthen their students' aural and reading comprehension, oral fluency, and writing proficiency as well as interest in reading and what happens around the world. In 2020, the bilingual newspaper reading was provided to 39 schools including their 893 classes and 24,145 students. .Walsin Lihwa also continued its donation to schoolwork guidance amounting to NT$459,000 at 6 elementary schools in Yenshui to help bridge the urban-country divide in education.

Elementary and junior high schools participating in newspaper reading by area

Results of the Elementary and Junior High School Newspaper Reading Project

Results of the Elementary School Study Aid Project in Yenshui District

Volunteerism for Assistance in Newspaper Reading

Making Neighborhoods More Beautiful

Our plants in Taiwan support local community environment cleaning, sterilization, and show appreciation to environmental volunteer group. The plants have also continued to give back to local communities by cleaning, maintaining, greening, and beautifying nearby roads or parks, providing local communities with an excellent environment and cityscape. We spent a total of NT$818,636 in 2020 on planting, cleaning, maintenance, and beautification of the roads and parks we adopted.

Support for Local Events