A progressive society requires balanced development in every aspect. In this regard, Walsin Lihwa started with providing education opportunities and good quality of education to underprivileged children to help sow seeds of hope for the future. Walsin Lihwa continued funding the Light up the Corner Throughout Taiwan Project and donating to 12 child welfare organizations in Taiwan, donating recycled resources, and hosting the annual family road race and fete at the Huadengfang, Nanjing.

"Light Up the Corners throughout Taiwan" Project

Over the past 5 years, Walsin Lihwa has been sponsoring 5 schools in remote rural villages in central, north, and south Taiwan, including: Hualien's Huaren Junior High School, Yilan's Datong Elementary School, Hsinchu's Guangwu Junior High School, Pingtung's Taiwu Elementary School, and Pingtung's Gaoshi Elementary School.

The long-term sponsorship has helped perfect their facility and teacher quality to develop featured music and physical education. Walsin Lihwa's commitment to taking care of the underprivileged and elementary education helps fulfill corporate citizen responsibilities and provide feedback to society. The company looks forward to continuously providing its resources to help more people and light up the corners throughout Taiwan.

Light up the Corners Throughout Taiwan” Documentary Film

Care for the Underprivileged

Walsin Lihwa and its employees consider the education for children very important, and the company regularly donates to the World Vision Taiwan, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Child Welfare League Foundation, Lian Xin Yuan Social Welfare Foundation, and Chinese Children Home and Shelter Association; a total of NT$1,600,000 was donated to the 12 children welfare organizations in 2022.

Year-End 2nd-Hand Book Raising

At the end of 2022, Walsin Lihwa supported the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation's 2nd-hand book raising program to collect 2nd-hand books from employees. What were collected included and a complete and nearly brand new bestselling novel series, learning books for children, lovely picture books, and professional books. What was paid for the books was donated to the Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation as its physical and psychological reconstruction fund to help those who suffered from burns and facial injuries.

One Mall's Public Interest Activities in 2022

One Mall in Hexi New Town, Nanjing is a shopping complex run by Walsin Lihwa. One Mall started to engage in social welfare and conduct various social care events in 2015. In 2022, One Mall provided 11 social care events, which had more than 3,000 participants and raised approximately RMB$31,000 as well as 800 related items for welfare causes.