TOP 50
Won the TOP 50 of Report and Corporate Sustainability Award in TCSA
Inclusion as a constituent stock in the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index
Credit Rating
Long-term credit rating at 'twA-' assigned by Taiwan Ratings
For corporate sustainability realization and effective corporate governance, the Business Integrity Promotion Center governed by the Sustainable Development Committee of Walsin Lihwa is responsible for ethical management for business integrity and corporate social responsibility fullment by assisting in incorporation of ethical management into business strategies, setting forth relevant measures pursuant to relevant laws and regulations to ensure business integrity, overseeing the implementation of ethical management, and assessing the implementation results.

Sustainability promotion strategy

Commitment to Business Integrity and Ongoing Improvement of Corporate Governance to Strengthen Stakeholders’ Trust to Walsin Lihwa

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About Walsin Lihwa
Walsin Lihwa Corporation was founded in 1966 with a capital of NT$30 million, and started out as a manufacturer of wire and cable. Walsin Lihwa is currently the leader of the wire and cable and stainless steel industry in Greater China, and is an international enterprise that has successfully entered the real estate business and made investments in the technology industry.
Governance Structure
The board of directors is the highest governance body and decision maker of Walsin Lihwa to oversee overall operation management.
Business Performance
Walsin Lihwa's total capital was NT$34.3 billion in 2021, consolidated revenue was approximately NT$156.7 billion, net profit was 14.6 billion, and the number of employees reached nearly 7,000. The Company's four major business units are wire and cable, stainless steel, resources business, and real estate. The Wire and Cable BU's revenue was NT$64.4 billion in 2021, shipping approximately 250,000 metric tons of bare copper wire and wire and cable. The Stainless Steel BU's revenue was NT$65.3 billion, shipping approximately 790,000 metric tons of primary stainless steel products. The Resources Business BU's revenue was NT$8.6 billion, shipping approximately 10,000 metric tons of primary products. The Real Estate BU's income from real estate sales and leasing was NT$1.9 billion.
Business Integrity
A so-called corporate culture of "commitment to business integrity" stresses that all business activities must comply with local laws and regulations of Taiwan and the place of business. We stress to our employees that they must refrain from violating relevant laws and regulations for obtaining business profits.