Energy Management
Total calorific value of energy consumption per unit of product (stainless steel /wire and cable)
Greenhouse Gas
Total Emissions (Taiwan)
Carbon Reduction
22,028.80 Mt CO2e
metric tons of carbon
In response to the net zero trend around the world, the European Union‘s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, and Taiwan’s Climate Change Response Act, Walsin Lihwa is committed to effective carbon inventory mechanism development, net zero roadmap planning, and carbon emission reduction to create shared value while pursuing growth, so that the Company can develop itself into an environmentally friendly and diversified manufacturer through technology upgrades and ongoing improvement.

Sustainability Promotion Strategy

Strengthen resource management, decrease environmental impact, and pursue circular economy

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Environmental and Energy Management Policy
To help address climate change issues, Walsin Lihwa commenced carbon management planning as well as net zero and recycling policy and vision development in 2021
Climate Strategy and Energy Management
According to the World Economic Forum's 2023 Global Risks Report, the trend of global risks has changed from economic risks to environmental risks;
Resource Recycling and Pollution Prevention
For effective environmental protection and pollution prevention, Walsin Lihwa continues its manufacture process optimization to strengthen air pollution