Greenhouse Gas
Total greenhouse gas emission intensity (Overseas sites)
Carbon Reduction
8,086.17 MT-CO2e
Decreased 8,086.17 metric tons of carbon
Water Resource
Water Recovery (Taiwan sites)
Walsin Lihwa is committed to corporate social responsibility fulfillment by supporting environmental protection, energy saving and carbon reduction, as well as resource recyclability to achieve the goal of "Creating Shared Value" and become a diverse manufacturing company enabling co-prosperity with the environment through technology upgrades and ongoing improvement to grow business steadily.

Sustainability promotion strategy

Strengthen resource management, decrease environmental impact, and pursue circular economy

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Environmental and Energy Management Policy
Committed to environmental sustainability and ecological communion for corporate sustainability, Walsin Lihwa started to develop its carbon management, net zero, and resource recycling policies in 2021 in response to climate change issues.
Climate Change and Energy Management
Aware of how climate change affects corporate sustainability, Walsin Lihwa follows Corporate Governance Blueprint 3.0 and has adopted the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to manage climate change-related opportunities and risks.
Resource Recycling and Pollution Prevention
For effective environmental protection and pollution prevention, Walsin Lihwa continues its manufacture process optimization to strengthen air pollution prevention and decrease the output of exhausts.