ONE Mall's Life Stage Project "Hi, Uncle Cheng!"

The "Life Stage" project of ONE Mall used music to connect community uncles and aunties with young bands, putting aside their age gap and entering each other's respective rehearsal rooms. Their performances were presented in concert format. They rehearsed together and sang together, using their culture and songs to unlock the barriers between people in society.


This concert with the oldest performers and the largest number of people on stage, brought together nineteen aunties and uncles from the Jiangwan Community Choir and three young Nanjing bands, attracting audiences of all ages to enjoy a heartwarming and cross-age barrier audio-visual experience.


The concept of making life better lies in the connection between people, caring for the elderly, paying attention to youth culture, breaking through stereotypes, and restoring the best of life, because happiness belongs to everyone.


In fact, life is the stage where each day's little things play out, and the stage is made up of little things from every day.

" ONE Mall Life Stage Project"


- ONE Mall is a shopping complex opened by Walsin Lihwa in Hexi, Nanjing. With the three main themes of healthy living, aesthetic experience, and parent-child activities, the shopping complex is committed to social care and supporting local creativity, and has continued long-term commitment to various community care activities. -

ONE Mall's New Welfare Event - "2017 Activity Record"
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