World's Best Employers
World's Best Employers 2020, No. 2 in Taiwan and No. 258 in the world
Bronze Medal Award
TTQS Bronze Medal Award (Talent Development Quality Management System)
Healthcare Award
Received the National Outstanding Workplace Health Award (Hsinchuang Plant)
Pursuit for excellence, innovation, learning, and a friendly workplace are to the foundation of business sustainability of Walsin Lihwa. Over the past half century, Walsin has been maintaining and strengthening its down-to-earth approach to running business thanks to the coherence of all employees to work hard together to support the company to overcome many difficulties, keep strengthening itself, and face up to new challenges. As employees are a strong backup to Walsin Lihwa and a precious asset that helps enable business sustainability, Walsin Lihwa is committed to providing employees a friendly workplace, competitive compensation and benefit packages, and continuously initiatives for employee caring solution to strengthen the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees and live up to the company value of respect for people.

Sustainability promotion strategy

  • Prioritize employee safety and health, and establish well-rounded policies and regulations to be enforced in each plant.
  • Uphold Walsin's concept of full engagement to cultivate top-tier talent and create a happy workplace.

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Employee Overview and Talent Management Policy
The Company recruits talent on a merit basis through fair and open channels. We hired nearly 801 new employees in 2020 to satisfy the Company's overall operational requirements, creating opportunities for employment and development.
Growth for All Employees and Talent Transformation
The year 2020 had been a year full of changes. Since 2013, Walsin has been inspired by the book "Hidden Champions" and embarked on the path of transformation, and each employee has overcome all the difficulties and challenges on the way forward with Walsin. In addition to doing our part, we are also actively looking to the future.
Workplace Health and Safety
Walsin Lihwa's EHS and energy policy is "Green Manufacturing, Prosperous Enterprise and Sustainable Operations".
Employee Care and Communication
Employees are Walsin's most important asset, and also the main force bringing Walsin forward. We care for employees and their family life. At the same time, we also listen to their voices and personal opinions, and through communication, we seek consensus among the company, employees, and employers to create a friendly and symbiotic office environment.