TTQS Bronze Medal Award
Talent Development Quality Management System
HR Enhancement Program
Subsidized by the Ministry of Labor's Corp. HR Enhancement Program
Happiest Employees
Manufacturing Industry Gold Award from the 1111 Job Bank
Pursuit for excellence, innovation, learning, and a friendly workplace are to the foundation of business sustainability of Walsin Lihwa. Over the past half century, Walsin has been maintaining and strengthening its down-to-earth approach to running business thanks to the coherence of all employees to work hard together to support the company to overcome many difficulties, keep strengthening itself, and face up to new challenges. As employees are a strong backup to Walsin Lihwa and a precious asset that helps enable business sustainability, Walsin Lihwa is committed to providing employees a friendly workplace, competitive compensation and benefit packages, and continuously initiatives for employee caring solution to strengthen the psychological and physical wellbeing of employees and live up to the company value of respect for people.

Sustainability Promotion Strategy

  • Prioritize employee safety and health, and establish well-rounded policies and regulations to be enforced in each plant.
  • Uphold Walsin's concept of full engagement to cultivate top-tier talent and create a happy workplace.

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Employee Overview and Talent Management Policy
As of the end of December 2022, we have a total of 6,888 employees worldwide (5,444 male, 1,031 female), most are regular employees, 1.0% are contractors (62 male, 9 female), and the percentage of foreign migrant workersNote remained at 5.0% (all male). We do not have any part-time workers....
Growth for All Employees and Talent Transformation
Talent is the most precious treasure here at Walsin Lihwa. With the technology and techniques that are constantly evolving during the era of intelligence, we want every employee to become an explorer of technology...
Workplace Health and Safety
Walsin Lihwa is committed to the development of a "Happy Company" and "Friendly Workplace". In 2019, the Board of Directors approved the establishment of the Sustainability Development Committee's "Environmental. Health, and Safety Management Promotion Center"
Employee Care and Communication
Employees are Walsin's most important asset, and also the main force bringing Walsin forward. We care for employees and their family life.