Sustainability Progress
Sustainable Development Goals
Material Topics

Sustainable Policy

  • Insistence on integrity and commitment to ongoing improvement of operational effectiveness
  • Ongoing improvement of corporate governance to ensure business sustainability
  • Development of a friendly work environment and an innovative learning organization
  • Thorough safety management to create an outstanding workspace
  • Effective implementation of carbon reduction and energy efficiency to enable green production
  • Ongoing corporate social responsibility and public interest initiatives

Implementation Centers

Sustainability Strategy and Implementation Guidelines

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Business Integrity


Uphold the corporate culture of business integrity to continue improving corporate governance and strengthening stakeholder's trust in Walsin Lihwa.

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Environment, Healthy, and Safety

Environment Social

1. Prioritize employee safety and health, and establish well- rounded policies and regulations which are enforced in each plant.
2. Strengthen energy and resource management to lower the impact of operations on the environment and to develop towards a circular economy.

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Green Operation


Pursue ongoing improvement and innovation, dedicate to the development of green manufacturing process, product, and technology development, create shared value with customers, and establish a sustainable business mode.

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Customer Service and Supplier Management


1. Continually engage in customer centric innovation and R&D, improve production and service models, and strive to create value for customers.
2. Comprehensively implement and strengthen supplier sustainability management to mutually grow with our business partners.

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Employee Relations and Social Engagement


1. Uphold the concept of total involvement, cultivate top tier talents and create a happy workplace.
2. Promote mutual development with local communities to gain greater social influence.