Beach Cleaning by 5 Plants Throughout Taiwan

Most Walsin Lihwa employees who have participated even once in beach cleaning are aware enough of how horrible disposable plastics can be. Relevant studies show approximately 8 million to 13 million tons of plastics are dumped into oceans around the world every year. As a result, plastic garbage is commonplace on many beaches and also jeopardizes the existence of marine life, and what is even more severe is that various microplastics from decomposed plastics have entered the food chain and are found in fishes, shells, and even rain, snow, and soil around the world. Microplastics are not only a global environmental issue but also will eventually enter human bodies through food and drinking water.


Walsin Lihwa started to promote beach cleaning to employees in 2015. In 2019, many young people joined Walsin Lihwa employees from 5 Taiwan plant sites and their families in the significant volunteerism. 240 volunteers went to Wanli, Miaoli for beach cleaning to help keep a sustainable environment for generations to come.


Gloves, clips, and garbage bags were distributed to them upon their arrival at the local beach and they were divided into 2- or 3 member teams to start to pick up various wastes on the beach. In fewer than 30 minutes, the wastes they picked up and gathered piled up high enough and amounted to 2 truckloads of garbage. The wastes primarily consisted of fishing nets, polystyrene, and PET bottles, which were handed over the local cleaning team for proper disposal and processing. Before leaving the beach, they had group photos taken to document their significant volunteerism.

Employee Volunteerism for Assistance in Reading at Annei Elementary School
Walsin Lihwa donates to TVGH for acquisition of advanced medical equipment to benefit patients