First Harvest of Walsin Lihwa's Contractually Grown Organic Gold Kiwifruits

Supporting environmental and ecological preservation as well as organic agriculture development, Walsin Lihwa initiated cooperation with TaiwanKiwi Farm by adopting 2,645 square meters of farmland for contractual farming of Taiwan indigenous kiwifruits. TaiwanKiwi is founded by a young man, and Walsin Lihwa's cooperation with his farm is intended to take substantial action in support of the local small farm's environmentally friendly farming.


The farm's Taiwan indigenous gold kiwifruits became mature in mid-September after enduring typhoon and torrent rain ordeals and what has been harvested is limited, but Walsin Lihwa shared such contractually grown kiwifruits with its employees at different business locations throughout Taiwan for them to savor the delicate tastes of these sunny fruit while gaining a better understanding of organic agriculture.


The founder of TaiwanKiwi was also invited to Walsin Lihwa in October to personally introduce his Taiwan indigenous kiwifruits, the importance of fruit trees to soil conservation, and the severe impact of climate change on agriculture to propagate environmental conservation, so that Walsin Lihwa employees would benefit from a different perspective on how to protect the earth.

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