25,325 students
Assistance in newspaper reading provided to 25,325 students
Heavy Particle Cancer Treatment Center
Sponsorship of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital's Heavy Particle Cancer Treatment Center
Support for the Sukkot
Support for the Sukkot – Festival of Shelters in 2020
Successful in years of promotion of social welfare, Walsin Lihwa not only pursues ongoing business growth but also emphasizes sustainable development as a core value with commitment to community communion to grow together with the communities where it has business presence. Relevant initiatives include care for the underprivileged, environmental protection, community outreach, and corporate citizenship implemented through various events and programs.

Sustainability promotion strategy

Promotes mutual development with local communities to gain greater social influence

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Social Engagement Policy
Years of commitment to public interest and welfare at Walsin Lihwa has incorporated sustainable development into one of the company's core values. Walsin Lihwa not only pursues ongoing business growth but also dedicates itself to community communion, care for the underprivileged, environmental protection and conservation, neighborhood improvement, and corporate citizenship. Walsin Lihwa employees take part in various events to personally take care of the underprivileged, fulfill corporate citizenship, help resolve social development issues, and expand their positive influences from where they work to nearby communities and beyond.
Empathizing with the Underprivileged
A progressive society requires balanced development in every aspect. In this regard, Walsin Lihwa started with providing education opportunities and good quality of education to underprivileged children to help sow seeds of hope for the future. In 2020, Walsin Lihwa continued funding the Light up the Corner Throughout Taiwan Project and donating to 12 child welfare organizations in Taiwan, volunteering to help mentally challenged children learn baking, donating recycled resources, and hosting the annual family road race and fete at the Huadengfang, Nanjing.
Caring for Ecology
The Baoshan Shesui Project implemented by Walsin Lihwa is intended to cultivate talents for endemic plant conservation, collection and management by working with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Chung Hsing University to build a seedling cultivation net house and an open seedbed. Efforts are directed towards reforestation, environmental education, conservation and promotion, and protection of Taiwan's diverse plants and animal species. In order to become more focused on the project implementation, we have established the Huabao Conservation and Breeding Co., Ltd. with Winbond Electronics Corporation in 2018. Huabao will focus on Taiwan's forest protection and endemic plant restoration. The project and relevant training were implemented as scheduled in 2020.
Community Outreach
In the second half of 2014, Walsin Lihwa began working with Mandarin Daily News to provide the newspaper to elementary and junior high schools near Walsin Lihwa plants in Taiwan. Teachers introduce topics reported in the newspaper to students, and broaden their horizons through interactions and discussions, while laying a solid foundation in their linguistic ability.
Corporate Citizenship
To drive social development, economic cooperation and exchange, and fulfill its CSR, Walsin Lihwa assumes an active role in social and economic cooperation institutions such as the Chinese International Economic Cooperation Association, Epoch Foundation, Cross-Strait Peace Foundation, Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce, Third Wednesday Club, Cross-Straits Common Market Foundation and the Cross-Strait CEO Summit, and became a member of the Center for Corporate Sustainability in 2020 to support the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy promoting the sustainability-related activities, thereby showing the corporate spirit of social inclusion.