A progressive society requires balanced development in every aspect. In this regard, Walsin Lihwa started with providing education opportunities and good quality of education to underprivileged children to help sow seeds of hope for the future. In 2020, Walsin Lihwa continued funding the Light up the Corner Throughout Taiwan Project and donating to 12 child welfare organizations in Taiwan, volunteering to help mentally challenged children learn baking, donating recycled resources, and hosting the annual family road race and fete at the Huadengfang, Nanjing.

“Light Up the Corners throughout Taiwan” Project

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, Walsin Lihwa commenced the Light up the Corner Throughout Taiwan Project, a 5-year sponsorship of 5 elementary and junior high schools in Central, East, South, and West Taiwan to help them have better environments, equipment, and teachers to develop physical and music education unique to themselves. In 2020, many schools suspended their events sponsored by Walsin Lihwa due to COVID-19 concern but the students and teachers at the 5 elementary and junior high schools practiced diligently as usual and demonstrated outstanding progress.

Care for the Underprivileged

Walsin Lihwa and its employees consider the education for children very important, and the company regularly donates to the World Vision Taiwan, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Child Welfare League Foundation, Lian Xin Yuan Education and Nursing Center, and Chinese Children Home and Shelter Association; a total of NT$1,600,000 was donated to the 12 children welfare organizations in 2020.

Volunteerism for mentally challenged children

Had 17 employees' involvement in 2020 in the Little Helpers of Love, an employee volunteerism program from a humanistic perspective starting 2012 before every Mid-Autumn Festival to go to a sheltered workshop and restaurant for mentally-challenged children to help them make moon cakes to support the restaurant, share care and love, and develop the children's work skills for them to support themselves and better blend themselves into society.

Year-end donation to elderlies

Since 2012, Walsin Lihwa has been donating regenerated resources at the end of every year to help those who in need.
In 2020, Walsin Lihwa continued its annual visit to the elderlies living alone in Maguang, Yunlin County, working with the Love Network Foundation and a local family care center to understand the elderlies' needs and gather 487 unused clothes, daily necessities, food, and home appliances from employees and give them away to the elderlies.
Year-end donation to elderlies

Nanjing Walsin (Real Estate) support for schools' book acquisition sponsorship

The economic development in Guanghe County, Gansu Province lags considerably behind that in its eastern counterparts. Therefore, Nanjing Walsin (Real Estate) donated RMB$500,000 to the county education bureau in 2020 to help local schools buy books to enrich students' extracurricular knowledge and narrow the education gap between urban-and rural areas as an effort to support the poverty alleviation program in Mainland China.

ONE Mall's Public Interest Activities